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released September 7, 2010



all rights reserved


Christ Lives Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: CL - In Christ We're All Winners
Verse 1:
Call me a winner, created in the Beginner
Creator of life, the One took the sin out of the sinner
Imputed with righteousness clothed in the garments of Christ
Rendering death to be the entry door into Paradise

What can a man do to a man who
Follows the God where impossible is a can do
And demonic principalities that rule the darkness of the entire world
Compared to the smallest part of Him is miniscule

Who can change the things within His plans in His hands
Shining the Light spinning our lives around like ceiling fans
He is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent
All powerful and mighty, His name is "I Am" (cmon)

Can you believe it, this my King
I pray the lost would soon be found admist of all their mocking
The Shepherd's calling, gathering His sheep, to Him we're flocking
For those who strayed away, please believe me that He's still knocking

Verse 2:
This beat is too hype, gotta do another verse
My God applies a band of aids patching up my deepest hurts
Provision He's given, but doesn't fatten up the purse
He cares for my comfort but concerned with my heart first

Building character with a persevering tone
That I would clone the conduct of my King whose sitting on the throne
Forsaken on the cross, excommunicated - the payment for deliberate sin,
So I would never be alone (without Him)

So I'm walking with the Spirit though I fall and falter
Jesus the Advocate keeps me in right standing with the Father
Justified solely by faith in the work of Christ
Painting this Crimson Red canvas with a masterpiece of white

Once a slave to sin, now a slave to Him
His gracious lovingkindness takes me from a slave to next of kin
Adopted me from the darkest corners of the world, considers me
His child inheriting benefits of the One who didn't sin
Track Name: CL - Who feat. Pastor Byung Ham
Who is this that darkens counsel speaking containing no knowledge
Now gird up your loins like a man, pay homage
I will ask you, and you instruct Me!
Where were you when I created and laid the foundations of earth and the seas

Tell Me, if you understand, who marked off its dimensions?
Can you bring forth the constellations or know the law of the heavens?
Who set forth the boundaries for the waters and clouds
The limits to their expanse, showing them where they're allowed

Can you speak to the clouds, so that an abundance of water will cover you?
Does lightning submit to your voice when you summon them over to strike where directed to?
Who provides food for the raven when the young cry out to God for lack of food
Does rain have a Father, if so, man who fathers the drops of dew?

Can you bind the chains of the Pleidas or loosen the cords of Orion?
You know nothing of Daniel, but can you close the mouths of hunger filled lions?
Do you give the horse his might and clothe his neck with a mane?
Make him leap like the locust, laughs at fear and not dismayed?

Is it by your understanding that the hawks soar
Stretching his wings towards the south? wait I got more
Is it at your command that the eagle mounts up
Making his nest on high on the cliff where he dwells and shacks up?

I question you, who made the seasons and told them where to go
Who directs the winds allowing them to blow to and fro
Who gathers the dust of the world into a tiny basket
Who knows your iniquities and paid a price so drastic?

Who sent His only Son to the world enduring the payment for sin?
Who is just and the justifier for sinful men?
Who can allow death to pass, then bring to life again?
Do you have the power to speak life and administer resurrection?

Who created all you see, everything unique
Not one fingerprint the same, DNA never repeats
I am greater than you can imagine, no one can label Me
I am Creator, I am God, I am Eloyhim